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Health Clubs vs. Home Training - A Cost Analysis

Health Clubs vs. Home Training - A Cost Analysis I've thought about the idea of joining a health club for quite a while now, but I've always had this nagging feeling that it's just not going to be worth my money. But as I grow older my health and fitness becomes way more important to me, and I am

So, What are Antioxidants Really?

As a consumer, I'm bombarded with loads of health benefits on product labels, including "99.9% Fat Free," "contains isoflavones", "6 grams of soy protein" and "packed with antioxidants!" While some of them sound suspiciously healthy, I really have very little

Reduce Health Insurance Costs By Staying Fit

Reduce Health Insurance Costs By Staying Fit One of the best ways you can keep your health insurance costs down, besides being young, is to keep your body fit and healthy. Here's a few quick things to consider as you make your lifestyle choices. As Your Weight Rises, so Does Your Health Insurance

Health Care Costs on The Rise Due To An Obese America

Health Care Costs on The Rise Due To An Obese America While there are several important factors that contribute to the rising costs of health care in America in the form of health insurance premiums, a major cause is the rising overall weight to height ratios of Americans in general. Of all the wor

A Quick Overview of Weird Fitness Equipment

A Quick Overview of Weird Fitness Equipment Over the past several decade as folks in the US have had the leisure time to start exercising in new and creative ways, the kinds of fitness equipment available to the public has grown dramatically. I decided to do a little investigation into some of th

Three Practical Body Building Tips for Cheapskates

Three Practical Body Building Tips for Cheapskates If you take the body building plunge and decide that you want to have a rocking body, don't let a lack of finances hold you back. Joining a fitness club and getting a personal trainer aren't the only ways to delve into body building. Below are some

Office Health Blog

We recently added an Office Health blog, which pulls together some of the best resources on the web regarding health in the office. If you spend a lot of time sitting down when you work, there are lots of office exercises you can do while you sit. Or, consider getting some new ergonomic office furniture or stand up while you work. Regardless of your work situation, there are things you can do improve your health while you work in the office.

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Weight Loss Tracker

Scales are old news. Track your daily calorie intake online and how much fat weight you're really losing.

Office Fitness Timer
Office Fitness Timer

Keep the blood flowing at the office with this simple tool to help you take exercise breaks.

Weight Loss Recipe Book
Daily Diabetes Diet Counter

An online calorie and food type counter for web site visitors with diabetes.

Weight Loss Recipe Book
Weight Loss Recipe Book

A free, attractive, online collaborative recipe book.

Calorie Burning Calculator
Calorie Burning Calculator

A nice tool to help web site visitors calculate their basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Quick Health Calculator
Quick Health Calculator

A nicely formatted online calculator to calculate body mass index (BMI).

Health and Fitness Calculator
Health and Fitness Calculator

A small calculator to calculate body mass index (BMI) and related health risks for Windows desktops.

Weight Loss Tracker
Weight Loss Tracker

A complete calorie counting tracker for your web site visitors.

Health Tip Buddy
Health Tip E-mail Buddy

Add a free health tip e-mail list to your web site- everything you need right out of the box.

Exercise Tip Email Buddy
Exercise Tip E-mail Buddy

Add a free exercise tip e-mail list to your web site - comes with a tips for the whole year!

The Anti-Diet Pill
The Anti-Diet Pill

A free, visually appealing alternative to the traditional diet pill.

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