A Quick Overview of Weird Fitness Equipment

A Quick Overview of Weird Fitness Equipment

Over the past several decade as folks in the US have had the leisure time to start exercising in new and creative ways, the kinds of fitness equipment available to the public has grown dramatically. I decided to do a little investigation into some of the creative ways people have found to work out, and what kinds of fitness machines have been built to meet the increasing demands of the public.

Weird Fitness Equipment Example #1 - The Power Plate Vibrator

While I always imagined vibrating equipment as related more towards relaxing rather than promoting fitness, this strange piece of fitness equipment claims to give you about 3 times the workout of traditional equipment by simultaneously vibrating your body while you do it. The reviews say the it has been used to keep astronauts fit in outer space where regular fitness equipment just doesn't work as well without the gravity.

You can use this particular piece of fitness equipment by holding a position, like a suspended push-up, on the "power plate", and then holding it there for a while. I think I'd end up using it to take naps more often than actually exercising on it.

Weird Fitness Equipment Example #2 - The Pilates Reformer

Looking at the photo for the Pilates Reformer sets my mind into a whir, trying to figure out just how the buffed out guy on the screen is getting a workout. This fitness equipment looks like a row machine except that the man using it seems to be almost laying down. As you pull the individual cords for each arm, it appears as if the seat moves forward, giving it more of a Nordic Track kind of feel. It's hard to say much more about it. It just looks bizarre.

Weird Fitness Equipment Example #3 - The Portable Recumbent Bike

I've considered buying this piece of fitness equipment after seeing it in the Sharper Image catalog a couple years ago. This little exercise bike fits underneath your desk so that you can exercise while you work, sitting in your chair. I've tried similar, under-the-desk stair steppers, but found that they demanded too much concentration to really keep up the workout. I have a feeling that the small bike would work better, since the rotation of the pedaling requires less input from the brain than stepping up and down.

The Era of Weird Fitness Equipment is Only Just Beginning

I have a feeling that as the fitness equipment companies find their sales waning, that they will find even more creative ways to produce equipment that the world has never seen before, it's only a natural part of the cycle. I'd personally like to see more interactive fitness equipment available to the cost-concious public, like machines that allow you to move through a video game using your body to run and jump. Until then, I'll just have to keep the Sharper Image recumbent bike on my birthday list and hope for the best.

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