Reduce Health Insurance Costs By Staying Fit

Reduce Health Insurance Costs By Staying Fit

One of the best ways you can keep your health insurance costs down, besides being young, is to keep your body fit and healthy. Here's a few quick things to consider as you make your lifestyle choices.

As Your Weight Rises, so Does Your Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance costs rise as your weight to height ratio (or Body Mass Index, BMI) increases. This is because you run a proportionately higher risk for several weight-related diseases as your weight increases, such as heart disease. If you find that you are overweight or obese according to your BMI, then you might want to consider enrolling in a fitness program. The money you save in health insurance costs might well cover the costs of your fitness program, plus your quality of life would likely improve.

If You Smoke, You Could Be Burning Money By Paying More For Health Insurance

It's true, smoking is another factor that can have a tremendous effect on your health insurance costs. Smoking is a difficult habit to kick, so while an added cost every month for health insurance might not be enough motivation to take the plunge, it can definitely be added to the list of the benefits of being a non-smoker.

Diabetes Raises the Price of Health Insurance

Sometimes diabetes is an unavoidable effect of genetic disposition, but often, especially in the United States where obesity is nearly an epidemic, diabetes is an avoidable factor is rising health insurance costs. This kind of diabetes can be avoided by keeping regular blood sugar levels so that your insulin reservoirs don't get exhausted before their time. That mean eating high-carbohydrate foods in moderation, and eating on a regular basis to avoid over-compensating for lost calories.

Health Insurance is Expensive, But You Can Help Reduce Costs By Being Healthy

Health insurance will likely never be as affordable as we'd like, but there are important choices we can make in our lives that will help reduce its ultimate costs. Healthy living not only reduces health insurance costs, it also reduces doctor bills, increased overall energy levels and as a result improves quality of life. Since a lifetime is finite, it's important to try to live the time we have as best as we can.

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