Three Practical Body Building Tips for Cheapskates

Three Practical Body Building Tips for Cheapskates

If you take the body building plunge and decide that you want to have a rocking body, don't let a lack of finances hold you back. Joining a fitness club and getting a personal trainer aren't the only ways to delve into body building. Below are some tips for the body-builder to be on a budget.

Cost-Effective Body Building Tip #1: Buy Your Own Bench

Body building benches are fairly inexpensive new, and if you frequent yard sales, you'll probably run across a cheap used bench every so often. I got my body building bench for $5 (it was a 50% off day!) and have only had to put in about $20 for extra weights. New ones can run around $100-$300 depending on the size and quality. A bench is pretty much a one-stop body building machine. If you get a bench a leg attachment, you'll be able to build up your thighs and glutes. A nice addition is a squat rack, though it's not absolutely necessary if you have some dumbbells.

Body Building Tip #2: Get Some Multi-Weight Dumbbells

If you get multi-weight dumbbells, you can use the same weights that you use for your body building bench. Getting fixed-weight dumbbells is kind of nice since you don't have to take the time to change weights all the time, but going the multi-weight route is much more flexible, especially as you start to lift more weight.

One more plus is that you can increase the weight of your dumbbells to do squats, whereas 75-150 pound fixed weight dumbbells can be very expensive. Since body building is about using a variety of exercises, you can count the adding and removing of weights as some additional variation to your workout.

Cost-Effective Body Building Tip #3: Buy Tuna, Frozen Chicken and Bulk Soy Protein

If you've read any body building books, you know that a lot of protein is required in order to keep building up new muscle after your workouts break them down. There really is no special body building protein, except that it needs to be a complete protein. Body building protein bars are a common source of protein, though they are also very expensive. If you're an omnivore, you tuna and frozen chick are some inexpensive ways to include protein in your diet. If you're a vegetarian, combining beans or tofu with rice or bread products is your best bet. Soy protein is also a great body building protein, since it's a complete protein in and of itself. At bulk food stores you can usually get some isolated soy protein for cheap.

Body Building Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Body building can be done on a budget, no question about it. I personally think this is probably the best way. It's better to use the money you save for something more fun than a bow flex machine decomposing in the corner. May the abs of steel be with you!

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