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Body Building Exercises

Today, Body Building is a Necessity

Because we have become a fairly sendentry society, with the increase in office jobs and a decrease in the kind of work that maintains mucle structure, there is a growing need for weight lifting and body building exercises. Without them, our body's natural need of weight-bearing in order to maintain a healthly structure goes unheeded, resulting in complecations down the road.

Body Building Exercises

We have collected a number of body building / weight lifting exercises for all of the major muscle groups. Some require only a barbell while others require a particular machine. Click on a group below or on a colored muscle group in the picture to the right to view the exercises.

Click a muscle group below to see exercises

Calves Exercises Hamstrings Exercises Gluteus Exercises Forearms Exercises Triceps Exercises Shoulder Exercises Back Exercises Neck Exercises Calves Exercises Quadriceps Exercises Abdomen Exercises Forearms Exercises Biceps Exercises Chest Exercises Shoulder Exercises