Health Tip Buddy Email System v.1.3

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The Health Tip Buddy Email System is a nice tool you can add to your web site that will allow your visitors to sign up for an automatic health-tip email list. It's easy to change the look and feel of the e-mails to match your web site, and the system allows for e-mail restrictions so that you don't make your hosting provider unhappy.

Health Tip Buddy Email System Features

  • Installation is easy, just upload the script and run the install file to automatically install your database tables and set up your configuration.
  • Set the time between mailings. Want a weekly e-mailing? Daily? No problem you set the length.
  • Easily set how many e-mails can be sent in a day or hour to avoid getting on your hosting provider's bad side. The e-mails are stored and those that can't be sent right away will be sent later.
  • Add custom health tips of your own!
  • Visitor sign-up script includes a Captcha device to avoid automated signups by spammers.

Health Tip Buddy Email System Requirements

Quick Health Calculator requires that PHP be installed on your web host. You will also need a MySQL database and the ability to add cron jobs through your web host.

Health Tip Buddy Email System Questions

If you have any questions about Health Tip Buddy Email System, just use our online contact form to send us your questions.

Download Health Tip Buddy