Office Fitness Timer v.1.2

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The Office Fitness Timer is a simple tool to help energize a drab office day with regular exercise. Just open the Office Fitness Timer, click a time amount, and start stretching, doing Tai Chi, whatever, and just glance over at your computer screen from time to time. When the page starts to flash, you're done! Use the Timer regularly during the day to keep the blood flowing.

Office Fitness Timer Features

  • Office Fitness Timer is Javascript-based, so the visitor only needs to visit the page once and then can keep the page open throughout the day.
  • Office Fitness Timer is easy to install. Just unzip, upload and you're done!
  • Select several different timer amounts.
  • Screen flashes when the time is up, so you just have to glance at the screen to know when you're done.
  • Best of all, Office Fitness Timer is completely free!

Office Fitness Timer Requirements

Office Fitness Timer requires that PHP be installed on your web host.

Office Fitness Timer Questions

If you have any questions about Office Fitness Timer, just use our online contact form to send us your questions.