The Anti-Diet Pill v.2.1

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The Anti-Diet Pill is a visually appealing way to keep your health-related web site visitors coming back for more. The pill displays randomly-generated practical weight loss tips (that doesn't include diet pills) and encourages visitors to return daily for new tips. The script is easy to install and to adjust to the look and feel of your web site.

The Anti-Diet Pill Features

  • The Anti-Diet Pill is easy to install, just unzip, upload and you're done!
  • XML-based database of tips for easy expansion
  • Visually attractive and appealing
  • The Anti-Diet Pill is easy to adapt to the look and feel of your health-related web site

The Anti-Diet Pill Requirements

The Anti-Diet Pill requires that PHP be installed on your web host.

The Anti-Diet Pill Questions

If you have any questions about The Anti-Diet Pill, just use our online contact form to send us your questions.