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The Weight Loss Tracker is a free tool that you can add to your web site to let visitors keep track of their daily calorie intake, and ultimately how much fat weight they are losing. Using a scale to determine fat weight loss is not very accurate because of changes in water weight and muscle gain, so the best way to keep track is to determine the difference in how many calories are required vs. how many are taken in. The Weight Loss Tracker is extremely easy for visitors to use, and will keep them coming back to your health-related web site.

Weight Loss Tracker Features

  • Weight Loss Tracker comes with an installer script, so installation is very easy!
  • A simple, but comprehensive interface allows users to track their caloric intake from day to day in a pleasant environment.
  • Visitors can create a list of common foods they eat to make logging their daily diet as simple as possible.
  • Complete log-in and registration system with image verification to prevent spamming.
  • Calculates the total weight loss in pounds and calories and computes a daily average.
  • Best of all, Weight Loss Tracker is completely free!

Weight Loss Tracker Requirements

Calorie Burning Calculator requires that PHP be installed on your web host, and that you have a MySQL database.

Weight Loss Tracker Questions

If you have any questions about Weight Loss Tracker, just use our online contact form to send us your questions.